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accounting services

We can help you keep track of your business finances so you can keep your business on track for success. Sometimes just a second set of eyes is all you need but sometimes it's much more. Bernicker, Eiger & Lang, CPA, LLC offers accounting services, whether it's an annual tax return, monthly bookkeeping services, or something in between. And, if you are in need of help resolving an existing tax issue, you've come to the right place.

Tax planning and preparation

Working with the client to estimate their quarterly taxes based on revenues as well as put together year-end tax returns. Assist clients with determining the appropriate withholding allowance.


Monitoring and maximizing cash flows. Yes, the tough part is managing the accounts receivable and payable. We help you bill clients, track invoices, and manage receivables.


Counting beans or maintaining the records of a business. By recording the financial transactions of a business, you can get a clear picture of how it's going and use that information to effectively manage the business.

Tax resolution services

Resolving problems for those who may not even know where to start. Individuals who are experiencing existing problems with the IRS whether you haven't filed taxes in one year or more, and/or owe the IRS monies. Services include bringing tax filing up to date and working out payment arrangements, if needed. In some cases, we can settle tax issues for pennies on the dollars.

Consulting services

Working with businesses to help them determine the best organization for them sole proprietorships, partnership, S corporation, etc. We can also counsel you on how to establish a cash flow so you get paid in a timely manner.