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Retirement Accounts Some Obvious Benefits and Not So Obvious Pitfills

Retirement Accounts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; one size doesn't fit all. Find the one that works for you.

IRA "Phishing" and Other Email Scams

Keeping your financial and personal information private shouldn't be hard if you keep your information out of the "phishing" lines of those looking to steal it. Here are some tips.

The CPA A Value Added

In light of financial disasters of the last decade, the role of accountants has broadened to include an overarching protection of the public's assets. Find out how your accountant's CPA designation can bring more value to the table.

Stretch IRAs

Stretch your IRA to fit your future needs. Find out how.

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of the year ... the snow has finally melted, the birds are starting to sing, and you are drowning in paper. Read this before you start your spring cleaning and toss important papers in error.

Tax Tips for the Self Employed

Those of you who are self employed, and you know who you are ....Yes, it's terrific that you escaped corporate America but you can't escape taxes. Read on for what you need to be aware of regarding your taxes.

Home Sweet Home Financing

With mortgage rates at slightly under five percent for 30-year-fixed mortgages, it is still a good time to refinance or purchase that home. Barry Cooper, Senior Loan Officer with Superior Mortgage, a direct lender, discusses the pros and cons.

Proud Parents

It's great having children: the fun, the love, and the tax benefits. Parents check out the things you should consider when filing your tax returns as it relates to your family and tax credits and deductions.

Getting ready for tax time: Relax, collect, organize, document

Let's make tax time less stressful. Stay in your Snuggie and grab a cup of hot chocolate. Now, start those stretches, reach for your mailbox (virtual or otherwise) and your W-2. Take deep relaxing breathes and read on.

What's coming down the pike?

Every year, while Santa and his elves step up the North Pole production line to capacity, your congressmen and senators on the finance committees finalize tax policy. Every year, we accountants try to figure out what they are going to do, so we can do tax planning for our clients. Find out what's coming down the pike.

Working with child care tax credit

Let the federal government ease some of the financial pain of leaving your children in day care, or under someone else's care. Find out if you are eligible to claim the Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit.

Taxing children

Your child got a job great. It may mean extra pocket money but it can also mean they have to share some of it with their uncle, Uncle Sam. Determine whether they need to complete a tax return.

Maximizing cash flow

Aside from bringing in more money, which we'd all like to do, here are some tips on how to make the most of what's yours.