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What others say about us

Mark Eiger is a creative thinker--diligent, and effective. Mark goes above and beyond what a typical accountant does for his clients. He thinks outside the checked boxes but within the legal scope of the IRS.

Jared Scott Friedman, Financial Advisor, Probenefits LLC


"I've known Mark Eiger for over five years. As a Certified Financial Planner, Mark and I have worked together to serve numerous clients, and they've all been very satisfied. I interact with many CPAs on a regular basis in my line of work; however, Mark is the only one to whom I have entrusted my tax returns."

Jarrett Dewelde, Certified Financial Planner, R.I.C.H. Planning Group


As a business owner and a client of Mark's for the past couple of years, I realized immediately that he would be an integral part of our business as we continue to grow. Mark handles all our accounting and then some. In addition to being focused and analytical, he has an outstanding attitude that encourages collaboration and communication. The phrase "team player" is often overused, but Mark is truly that. Working with Mark allowed us to better structure our business. He has a generous spirit and is a loyal, positive individual. I always feel like I can turn to him for extra help and it will be met with a smile. That's a quality I've always admired. I trust him because he's never let us down and is very, very good at what he does.

Irene Cappuccino, owner, IMC Associates


Mark demonstrates his sincere care about my small business through personal attentiveness. Above all, I value his knowledge, diligence, and integrity, which he expresses with a confident personal character. Although Mark has provided me with bookkeeping and tax preparation for only two years, I am always eager to recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Daniel Fenski, Windsor Gallery


I was in the middle of a problematic tax issue and saw Mark Eiger's ad. I had a $350,000 tax issue that stemmed from a previous accountant. I had already spoken with three or four tax attorneys. So, with nothing to lose I called Mark. The bottom line was that through Mark's efforts, I was able to settle with the government for $27,000. Mark was on top of everything the IRS asked for, which was basically jumping through hoops. In addition, he had to amend seven years of tax returns as well as file the current year.

Chris Cassandra, owner, The White Agency